Friday 22 April 2016

Welcome to A. T. Martial Arts!

The A-Team is off to the 2016 Calgary Nationals on Friday  

Master Anthony Tomlinson
6th Dan Taekwondo Instructor
Elementary and High School Safety Consultant

We are a Taekwondo Training and Instructional Dojang that focuses on:

  • Confidence - The Greatest Gift for your Child
  • Leadership - The Ability to Say NO to Negative Peer Pressure
  • Respect - The Priceless Gift of a Lifetime

Everyone of any ability is welcome and we encourage you to come visit us for a free trial lesson!

A. T. Marital Arts Training
1910 Dundas St. E.
Unit B102
Whitby, ON
L1N 2L6
Phone: 905-430-3777


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